Caring for People and Planet

At Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa, we believe in harnessing our resources and influence to create meaningful change in the communities we serve. From education and healthcare initiatives to environmental conservation and sustainable tourism practices, we believe in leaving a positive and lasting legacy.

Colobus Monkey Conservation

Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa has established a fruitful partnership with Colobus Conservation, an organisation dedicated to the protection and preservation of colobus monkeys and their natural habitat. Through this collaboration, we provide financial assistance and resources to support the organisation’s rescue operations, construct air-bridges that allow for safe crossing of the colobus and vervets across Diani Beach Road, veterinary care, community sensitisation projects and more as part of our continued dedication to sustainable tourism practices and environmental stewardship.

Diani Turtle Watch

Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa is deeply committed to sea turtle conservation and has forged a strong partnership with Diani Turtle Watch and the Conservation Education Society based in Diani, Kenya. As one of the sponsors of the Diani Sea Turtle Festival, our resort plays a vital role in promoting community involvement in conservation, and ensuring the long-term survival of these magnificent marine creatures. Funds raised are used to conduct critical research, monitor nesting sites, protect turtle hatchlings, and rehabilitate injured or stranded turtles.

Zero-plastic policy and beach cleaning initiatives

As part of Diani Reef’s commitment to eliminating plastic waste, we have significantly reduced the use of single-use plastics within the resort, replacing them with eco-friendly alternatives such as recyclable glass, where possible. We continue to actively engage guests and the local community in our monthly beach-cleaning initiatives which raise awareness about the importance of responsible waste management and the harmful impacts of plastic pollution on the Indian Ocean.

Drought Alleviation & Girl's Education Support to Kwale County Government

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa makes monthly donations of sanitary towels and food supplies to the Kwale County Government. Through these efforts, we continue to mitigate the drought crisis and promote equal education opportunities for girls in the region

Community involvement & youth empowerment

Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa supports the local community in Diani by sponsoring a wide range of youth activities and charitable endeavours. By providing financial assistance, resources, and promotional support, we demonstrate our commitment to the well-being, growth, and prosperity of the local youth and the community as a whole.

Diani Regatta Cultural Festival

As one of the key sponsors of the Diani Regatta Festival, Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa continues to actively foster a sense of pride and appreciation for Kenya’s coastal region’s cultural heritage. This plays a crucial role in preserving and revitalising the community’s traditional practices – ensuring it’s sustainability for generations to come. In the process, these efforts also promote tourism and economic growth in the region.


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